From industry-leading tabletop printers to high-volume presses and a wide variety of label materials, AstroNova® provides The Labels You Want When You Need Them®.

AstroNova® provides products, services, and consumable that improves our customers’ ability to identify, track, and market their products. Our three brands, QuickLabel®, TrojanLabel®, and GetLabels™, offer a complete labeling solution from start to finish for all size print runs. Whether it’s industry-leading tabletop label printers, innovative high-volume label presses or the widest variety of label materials, we provide the solution for all your labeling needs.

AstroNova’s QuickLabel® division is the leading manufacturer of production-capacity, full-color digital label printers, barcode printers, media, and labeling software that allow businesses to print labels on-demand. QuickLabel introduced the first tabletop digital color label printer and continues to innovate with labeling solutions specifically designed for manufacturers and processors who want to print product labels in-house.

Serving Those Who Need Product Labels

QuickLabel experts understand the unique needs of businesses that package their own products or provide contract packaging services for others. We know customers demand label printers with user-friendly operation, highly flexible and productive workflows, and the lowest total cost of ownership. QuickLabel designs and supports its printers, software, and labels for processors and manufacturers in a variety of industries including foodcosmeticschemical processingdietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

QuickLabel Mission Statement:

Our mission is to get you “The Labels You Want When You Need Them®,” and we consider that a promise. We fulfill that promise by maintaining a rigorous Total Quality Management system and adhering to ISO9001 procedures, directly-employing our technicians and salespeople and training them at our factory.

Our History:

In 1994, AstroNova® introduced the world’s first digital color label printer intended for use by manufacturers, processors, and retailers who wanted to print their full-color labels for food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, dietary supplement, medical device, and other applications.

QuickLabel led the way with the development of digital printing technology and graphics software. Our research reduced the size of a label press and developed user-friendly printing systems that could produce affordable custom labels at high print speeds in short-run batches. At the time, this approach was perceived as a significant challenge to the conventional wisdom and traditional business model of the label printing industry.

QuickLabel’s innovative technology was readily accepted when our products were introduced to the market. Now, printing labels has become a normal part of a manufacturers’ in-house packaging production process. Today, we continue to lead the market we created with a full line of full-color digital label printers, labels, and inks.

Our Parent Company, AstroNova, Inc.

QuickLabel is an AstroNova division. AstroNova (NASDAQ:ALOT) is a global leader in data visualization technologies, delivering solutions that transform data into images, text, and graphics for an array of worldwide applications including commercial, industrial, consumer packaging, energy, aerospace, and defense.

With 50 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and supporting a multitude of products and applications and through our Product Identification Segment, AstroNova provides color label printers, specialty printers, software, and accessories that enable customers to reach and grow their target audiences with speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. By providing end-to-end digital color labeling solutions, we’re able to be the total solution for both commercial printers and brand owners. Our supplies group provides carefully matched consumables, including inks, toners, thermal transfer ribbons, and media to ensure customers realize the highest-quality imaging results. These products are marketed worldwide under the QuickLabel, TrojanLabel®, and GetLabels™ brands.

Through our Test & Measurement Segment, we provide networking products, aerospace printers, and consumables under the AstroNova brand for commercial and military aircraft, business and regional jets, and in-flight entertainment systems. Our customers include Airbus, Boeing, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, and Embraer. Additionally, we design and manufacture data acquisition instruments and supplies for the automotive, aerospace, energy, power monitoring, transportation, telemetry, and general industrial markets.