Agricultural Chemical Labels

Print Pesticide Labels and Fertilizer Labels In-House with a QuickLabel Printer

By printing their own product labels in-house, companies with a QuickLabel color label printer are able to easily package agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

They have been able to reduce label costs, time, labeling errors, control label compliance and sell private label products.

Print Pesticide Labels & Fertilizer Labels in Full-Color

Bottle, pail, box and bag labels can be printed instantly with QuickLabel digital color label printers. Full-color product photos, illustrations, logos and marketing communications graphics can be printed on labels directly from digital files, along with ingredients statements, barcodes and required hazard warning label panels.

Make Product Labels According to Sales Demand

Instead of keeping thousands of printed labels in inventory, you can digitally print a roll of product labels just-in-time.

Because digital printing is cost-effective for printing small quantities of labels, agricultural chemical producers with a QuickLabel in-house digital color label printer can make your fertilizer and pesticide labels in short-runs and ensure packaging lines always have the right label for the right product without delays.

Customize Private Label Fertilizers & Pesticides

Offering custom label printing services as a contract packager is another way producers use an in-house QuickLabel printer to make more money. How?

These services allow you to not only print your own custom labels, but also allow you to sell your registered pesticides, fertilizers, plant nutrients and other crop protection chemicals products to dealers under private label brand (making labels with a dealer’s logo and branding) in compliance with labeling regulations for supplemental distributors under 40 CFR 152.132.

QuickLabel Printers & GHS Labeling

Pesticides are among the hazardous chemicals that must be labeled according to GHS labeling requirements.

A QuickLabel digital color label printer allows manufacturers to print color-coded GHS labeling pictograms and print finished labels that meet the GHS hazardous chemical labeling standards. With a label printer in-house, manufacturers are always able to respond to periodic label regulation changes; whether label standards are required by the government, industry or voluntary standard organizations.

QuickLabel Printers & EPA Pesticide Labeling Standards

By printing labels in-house, under your own quality assurance process, you ensure your compliance with EPA pesticide labeling laws and control quality.

EPA consumer chemical labeling requirements change periodically, so pesticide makers benefit from the flexibility to adapt to changes instantly with a QuickLabel in-house digital color label printer. When labeling requirements change, product labels can be digitally edited and re-printed within minutes; guaranteeing the manufacturer’s ability to ship properly labeled products.

Click here to monitor the EPA Consumer Labeling Initiative.

For detailed regulations regarding pesticide label content, type size, font, and formatting requirements, please visit the EPA website.

See for Yourself!

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