Coffee Labels

Print Your Own Custom, Durable, Vibrant Labels with a QuickLabel® System

The QuickLabel QL-120X label printer is designed with coffee roasters in mind. It offers so many benefits to help them grow their business easily and efficiently by keeping coffee labels as fresh as the coffee beans.

By taking high-quality label production in-house, the QuickLabel QL-120X eliminates the need for costly preprinted label inventory that usually develops from obsolescence, revisions, or regulatory changes. Eliminate label waste by printing the exact amount of labels you need, when you need them.

Print Coffee Labels in Any Quantity – Delay Free!

Whether the order is for one personalized coffee bag or 1,000 bags of custom-labeled coffee, the QuickLabel QL-120X printer will instantly produce your labels in any quantity. Best of all, it prints labels at an affordable cost without generating waste. This benefit is essential for coffee companies with many different roasts that require their own designs. With the QuickLabel QL-120X system, you won’t delay a shipment of fresh coffee while waiting for labels.

Print Elaborate Coffee Labels

Stylish packaging design enhances your brand and helps attract customers. Label artist Amy Gantt of Lula Bell Art & Design creates beautiful artwork for La Crema Coffee Company. She delights in knowing that a QuickLabel printer will never limit her artistic creativity. “With the QuickLabel printer, I don’t have to think about it. I know I can create artwork I truly believe in, and the printer will print it as I create it,” said Gantt.

Melissa Flohn of La Crema Coffee said, “The QuickLabel printer is going to achieve the colors you are looking for in your packaging; and with the beautiful packaging, your sales will increase.”

The Opportunity to Sell Private-Label Coffee

The QL-120X system can easily create coffee labels with other companies’ logos and artwork. By selling coffee with private-label packaging, the QL-120X printer helps coffee roasters earn more sales. They offer personalized coffee bag labels at an attractive price and with a very low minimum order requirement for customers.

Every QL-120X also includes one free license to CQL Pro, our advanced labeling software that allows users to effortlessly design, manage and print their own labels.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person or an online web demonstration with a QuickLabel color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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At this unprecedented time, I want to extend my heartfelt wishes to you and your family. Everyone here at AstroNova is thinking of those who may be impacted. We want to let people know that AstroNova remains operational while remaining committed to supporting our customers while keeping our employees healthy and communities safe.

AstroNova is a critical infrastructure industry as our brands QuickLabel, TrojanLabel, and GetLabels supply industries, including medical supply, medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical, janitorial, food, transportation, and defense. As the recent pandemic started to unfold, we took swift action to mobilize many of our global team members to work remotely while enhancing our cleaning procedures and securing our production facilities. Inventories were increased, and we are in regular contact with our suppliers to monitor their status.

We encourage our customers to make sure they have orders in place with us to carry through these unusual times. Please consider re-ordering printing supplies sooner than usual and let us know if you need additional systems to print labels to meet the increased product demand. For assistance, please contact our customer service team if we can support you, or call 877-757-7978 (USA only) or +1-401-828-4000.

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At AstroNova, our number one core value is “Customer First,” this includes both internal and external customers, and we remain committed to this statement. If we can help in these difficult times, please let us know.

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