Prepared Food Labels

Gain Control of Your Labeling Process

On-demand tabletop digital label printers, such as the QuickLabel® QL-300 or the QuickLabel QL-120X durable label systems, can help your company quickly and cost-effectively gain control of printing prepared food labels. In-house label printing enables grocery stores to produce what they need when they need it. It eliminates the minimum quantity requirements and delivery delays associated with outside printers – saving your business time and money.

The QuickLabel QL-300 is the world’s first five-color, toner-based tabletop printer designed specifically for production label printing. For instance, this printer goes beyond the traditional four-color printing process because it has the ability also to print white and CMYK in a single pass. More importantly, the QuickLabel QL-300 prints highly UV- and scratch-resistant labels that can withstand the challenging demands of prepared food applications.

The QuickLabel QL-120X is a professional tabletop digital label printer with a best in class two-year warranty. This printer delivers vibrant color labels with 1200 dpi print quality and durability. Most importantly, the QL-120X offers eXtended printhead life and eXtended lifetime benefits producing high-quality labels at a lower total cost of ownership.

QuickLabel printers are engineered with field-proven designs that are easy to load and operate. Consequently, their rapid printing speeds, high resolution, and custom label-making capabilities make them ideal choices for prepared food labeling requirements. Only QuickLabel gives you the user-friendly operation, flexible and productive printing, and low cost of ownership that produces professional, economic labels.

Print Prepared Food Labels for Every Environment

Print frozen foods labels with the rest of your prepared food line without sacrificing label durability and quality. For instance, some of our most popular prepared food label materials include the following:

  • This white polypropylene label with a high-gloss finish is uniquely receptive to inkjet label printing and durably resistant to moisture and some solvents. Therefore, making it ideal for printing photographic images on primary display labels.
    (Reference material 178)
  • This high-gloss white paper label is uniquely receptive to inkjet label printing providing a permanent, freezer-grade adhesive. To clarify, it functions well at both high and cold temperatures. (Reference material 228)

Above all, QuickLabel ensures your media and printer work together to ensure the durability of your label. Therefore, our specially developed materials are capable of absorbing the inks so that printed labels remain colorfast and resistant to hot or freezing temperatures.

Produce Variable Data, Barcodes and Nutrition Facts

With resolutions of up to 1600 dpi, print intricate, clear-cut barcode and nutrition labels in as little as 3-point fonts. So, that means every ingredient, sell-by date, vitamin percentage, and the price will appear on your food label in a readable, professional design, regardless of the package size.

Increase Grocery Sales with Store Brand Labels

Your labels are the face of your brand. As a result, introducing a QuickLabel system that prints vibrant, eye-catching labels that attract store customers will also create a streamlined, efficient labeling process.

QuickLabel Printing Benefits

  • Produce high-quality, colorfast labels that establish your store brand
  • Print in 3-point font to ensure every ingredient and vitamin percentage is listed
  • Create freezer-resistant labels that never peel or fade
  • Generate barcodes, expiration dates, pricing, and other variable data

For example, Dave’s Marketplace, Rhode Island’s largest independent grocer, prints hundreds of thousands of food labels for its produce and prepared foods with a QuickLabel color printer.

Steve Alfaia, POS Coordinator & Graphic Designer at Dave’s, reveals, “AstroNova QuickLabel printers are a fabulous machine. I don’t know how I did without it…From a design standpoint right down to final production, it will produce anything you want.”

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person or online web demonstration with a QuickLabel color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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