Tea Labels

Print the Best-Quality Tea Labels with the QuickLabel® QL-120X Label Printer

Now you can print your own tea labels in-house and on-demand with the QuickLabel® QL-120X printer. Tea companies using it can experience increased sales and growth in private-label customers. The printer produces attractive tea labels in short-runs for lower costs than outside printing.

The QuickLabel QL-120X is a professional tabletop digital label printer with a best in class two-year warranty. Delivering vibrant color labels with 1200 dpi print quality and durability, the QL-120X offers eXtended printhead life and eXtended lifetime benefits delivering high-quality labels at a lower total cost of ownership.

QuickLabel Printing Helps Eastern Shore Tea Grows Sales

For example, Stanley Constantine, President of Eastern Shore Tea Company in Baltimore, Maryland, purchased a QuickLabel printer and achieved a substantial increase in tea sales.

“Since we installed the QuickLabel printer, our tea sales have increased an average of about 40%,” said Constantine. “One of our largest grocery chain customers told me Eastern Shore Tea sales at its stores have increased 50% since we installed the QuickLabel system.”

When discussing the 40% jump in tea sales, he explained, “We haven’t changed anything – except the label quality. I’m convinced the QuickLabel printer is responsible.”

Tea Labels, Beautified

“It’s just amazing how good the QuickLabel printer can make the labels look,” said Linda Lang, manager of Eastern Shore Tea Company. She highly values the QuickLabel printer’s ability to create full-bleed, vibrant color tea labels at 1200 dpi resolution. “The colors are rich and bright. The QuickLabel printer has completely changed the way the artwork on the labels looks,” said Lang.

“The QuickLabel color rendering is dead on. Label stock is always dead-on; it never changes. We are as happy as we could be with the QuickLabel printer,” said Constantine. 

Print the Best Labels for Private-Label Tea

Eastern Shore Tea has witnessed significant growth in customers requesting private-label tea packaging. “The QuickLabel printer has helped us with that goal because it’s so easy and effortless to create private labels for all of our customers,” said Constantine.

Eastern Shore Tea creates private-label products for major museums, grocers, and gourmet food stores around the country, in addition to private functions, weddings, and parties.

“It’s effortless,” said Constantine. “One of our strong points is that the private-label minimum is only 24 pieces. It’s so low because the QuickLabel printer is just effortless. We can easily print and go to production, and it’s out the door the same day. It’s made our life a lot easier.”

Printing Exquisite Tea Labels On-Demand

The QuickLabel QL-120X printer can eliminate excess pre-printed tea label inventory that consumes valuable space. It also prevents long lead times and delivery delays associated with outside printers.

“The QuickLabel system has made my life easier,” Lang said. “It takes less time to print the labels and less prep time for it.”

See for Yourself!

CQL Pro, QuickLabel’s design software, makes it easy to quickly create and print accurate, informative, and attractive labels on food, beverage, and dietary supplement packaging – all within your facility.

Schedule an in-person or online web demonstration with a QuickLabel color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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