General Labeling

Retailers and Manufacturers Prefer In-House General Labeling

Track and trace general labeling with efficiency and ease-of-use with a QuickLabel® color label printer. So, to meet the strict specifications and regulations of their retailers, manufacturers need to label all of their cartons accurately.

Therefore, manufacturers efficiently print color visual-cue carton box and general labels with photos, barcodes, part numbers, and automatic identification information on each label. This variable data allows individuals in distribution warehouses to select the right product accurately. In minutes, QuickLabel label printing solutions can print visual-cue labels on demand for each SKU and product.

Everyone knows what a barcode is, but few understand how it works.

Thin and wide bars makeup barcode symbology. So, each barcode symbol defines the width of the bars that compose it. The printer’s ribbon transfers tiny dots during printing with each dot corresponding to a dot on the print head. A 200-dpi print head transfers 200 dots in an area the size of an inch. Above all, a higher resolution barcode print head transfers more dots of printing in that same size area.

With field-proven engineered designs, QuickLabel color label printers are easy to load and operate. Therefore, their rapid printing speeds and custom label-making capabilities make them ideal choices for barcode printing requirements. Moreover, only QuickLabel gives you the user-friendly operation, flexible and productive printing, and low cost of ownership that produces professional, economic labels.

How Many Dots Per Inch?

High-resolution barcode label printers economize limited label space and improve barcode scanning ability. However, these printers are higher-priced than traditional 200-dpi barcode printers. The benefits of each are as follows:

200-DPI Printing:

  • Suitable for text, numbers, and codes, but may appear slightly grainy or pixelated
  • Making the barcode larger on the label will improve print quality
  • Note that each barcode must be scaled proportionately due to strictly defined policies

600-DPI Printing:

  • High-resolution barcode label printers accurately reproduce printed images, barcodes, and text in minimal areas
  • A 600-dpi barcode printer is best to minimize the size of the barcode or when large amounts of text are required
  • Useful for a small label and product or when labeling a small area on a container or package

*Note higher-resolution print heads print barcodes in smaller sizes. For example, a barcode that is one inch wide at 200 dpi reduces to one-third of an inch at 600 dpi.

What Makes QuickLabel Your Total Labeling Solution?

  • Effortlessly produces high-quality, colorfast labels that promote your products
  • Quickly generates durable and freezer-resistant labels that never peel, tear, or fade
  • Accurately prints as low as a 3-point font to ensure every ingredient and vitamin percentage is listed
  • Easily creates barcodes, expiration dates, pricing, and other variable data
  • Promptly prints labels at up to 1600 dpi and speeds of up to 12 ips

Complying with Barcode Quality Standards

Within the packaging industry, ISO/IEC 15416:2000 is the standard that governs barcode print quality and barcode scanning quality. This standard applies to linear barcodes such as UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, and HIBC, as well as two-dimensional barcodes (2D barcodes) such as DataMatrix, PDF417, and IUID/UID barcodes. ISO 15416 applies to companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Effortlessly Meet Retail Regulations

To place your hardware products on the shelves, they must first meet stringent retail packaging standards. That is to say, censor codes and barcodes on every label has to comply with standards – every single time. For instance, QuickLabel printers produce beautiful, compliant labels at up to 1600 dpi resolution and 12-inches per second. They are also easy to operate, painless to service, and feature a low cost of ownership.

Eliminate Errors, Shortages, and Inventory Overstock

Eliminate the delays and setbacks from relying on an outside print shop. QuickLabel printers can immediately correct errors or make changes to your picture code and visual-cue labels. Plus, they print just the number of labels you need, on-demand, saving time, and reducing the cost-per-label.

QuickLabel Printers Are Your Total Labeling Solution

  • Easily remain compliant and meet all retail packaging specifications
  • Create professional, custom labels for each retailer or distributor
  • Eliminate costly errors that occur on picture code and visual-cue labels
  • Easily create barcodes, expiration dates, pricing, and other variable data

Quick Fitting Gets a Great Label Fit

Quick Fitting, an innovative manufacturer of push-connect plumbing technologies, has used the QuickLabel color label printer to meet all of Lowe’s, Tractor Supply’s, and Ace Hardware’s exacting retail labeling standards.

David Crompton, Quick Fitting CEO, said, “The AstroNova QuickLabel Printer gave us the ability to get exactly what we needed, to create our labels just-in-time and cut our cost on those labels by about 40%. It’s been absolutely phenomenal.”

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person or online web demonstration with a QuickLabel color label printer. During the demo, we will put your artwork into production to show how great your labels will look! Learn more and contact us today!

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