Kanban Card Labels

Simplify Your Manufacturing Process with Kanban Cards

Kanban Cards originated from the Japanese term “Kanban” meaning “visual sign” or “signal”.

The physical cards became widely used in the 1940’s in Toyota’s manufacturing process to improve work flow and efficiency. The simplicity of the cards allowed for quick comprehension, ease of use and accurate control of inventory in the workplace.

Working in the manufacturing industry, you know the benefit of Kanban cards.

They help your company keep track of the parts you have, the parts (and therefore orders) you need, the deliveries you have scheduled or should schedule and the demand of your products internally and externally.

But what makes Kiaro! QL-120 the ideal color printer for Kanban cards? A lot of things.

The QL-120 appreciates the need for high quality

  • Include a picture of the product or part on the card, not just a barcode or color code.
  • Include a full product description.
  • Print with the finest detail and color accuracy with full color and 1200 dpi resolution (especially useful for images and color code accuracy).

The QL-120 understands the value of time

  • Prints 12” per second.
  • Edges are perforated, so you can produce your prints as needed and separate them easily.
  • You can also check out our cutter for larger productions.

The QL-120 is never wasteful

  • Print your Kanban cards on demand, on location, on the floor.
  • Print batches of one – no excess!
  • Print and cut to custom lengths immediately with the optional QL-120 tag cutter.
  • Cards are printed from a roll, omitting the frustration of trying to “fit” sizes or quantities to an 8.5”x11” sheet.
  • Get exactly the amount you need per job, work cell or bin, eliminating overcrowded storage rooms.
  • Reconfigure a process instantly without being burdened by the cost or scrapping preprinted cards.

The QL-120 makes the process of getting Kanban cards effortless. And the possibilities are endless.

It’s your visual indicator, it’s your reminder, and it’s your record keeper. Make it your Kanban card with the Kiaro! label printer, and have everything your team needs to know on that one card.

The QL-120 delivers Kanban cards efficiently, precisely and in a manner that’s most meaningful to you, and your company’s continuous improvement initiatives.

See for Yourself!

Schedule an in-person demonstration with a Kiaro! QL-120 label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look! Learn more and contact us today!