Kiaro! 200D

Extra-Wide, Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

Kiaro! 200D

Extra-Wide, Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

The Kiaro! 200D is the quintessential extra-wide label printer, capable of making durable labels in large sizes.

Thanks to QuickLabel’s pigment ink formulation, labels stand up to daily abuse from chemical solvents, water, UV light and scuffing. Printed on matte polypropylene and paper label stocks, Kiaro! 200D labels are tough enough to survive without lamination.

You can print GHS labels with the required black and red GHS pictograms, alongside CMYK company logos in any color, product pictures and color codes.

Perfect for: gallon jugs, shipping drums, pallets, cartons, and cases – all printed in full CMYK color.


On-Demand Printing for LEAN Manufacturing:

  • The Kiaro! 200D is an essential part of LEAN manufacturing best practices that allow you to save a step and print complete labels on-demand, replacing your purchases of pre-printed labels and traditional barcode printers.
  • Starting from blank stock, the Kiaro! 200D prints full-color product labels direct from digital sources, such as enterprise systems, barcode labeling software or graphic design software.

Cut Label Costs by Printing on Demand:

  • Eliminates your costly inventory of pre-printed labels by allowing you to digitally print your own professional quality, wide labels in short-run batches.
  • Avoid delays due to lagging label shipments, and enjoy the flexibility and control of printing wide labels on demand, as you need them.
  • Control your own costs by printing only what you need, and spend money only when you print.

Stop Wasting Labels:

  • Prints on the first label out, without a wasteful blank “leader” of labels before or after labels are printed.
  • With no blank labels in between, the Kiaro! 200D prints labels consistently.
  • Prints full rolls of “useable” labels without stopping, cutting and splicing the label material thanks to its reliable operation and “in job” cleaning process, unlike any other high speed label printer.

Printing Durable Labels In-House:

  • Label durability concerns are greatly reduced, with pigment-based inks and QuickLabel qualified label stocks to ensure the highest degree of label durability offered by an in-house printer.

Warranty and Support:

  • Help is always available by telephone, email, and web.
  • In addition to the Kiaro! 200D standard One-Year Warranty, the following packages are also available:
    • Quick Set-Up Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the Kiaro! and train your users to start printing labels.
    • Full Customer Support Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location to provide installation and training service. After the initial set-up, you will be enrolled in the Kiaro! QuickSwap™ program where you will be provided a loaner Kiaro! 200D printer in the event your production is down and an emergency replacement printer is needed.
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