Kiaro! K-50D

Kiaro! 50D

Small Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

Kiaro! 50D

Small Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

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The Kiaro! 50D is small and tough.

It prints small, durable labels that withstand big challenges from industrial environments.

Using QuickLabel’s pigment ink formulation to produce printed labels that resist the insults of international shipping, scratches, scrapes, spills and scuffs, the Kiaro! 50D is compatible with matte polypropylene and paper label materials with no need for lamination.

Perfect for: medical device labels, clinical trial labels, pharmaceutical labels, patient wristbands, supply chain “pick and pack” or “track and trace” labels and labels for other applications that require printed labels to endure environmental challenges such as exposure to chemicals, solvents, moisture or abrasion.


Small labels, huge results:

  • Standing just under 10” high and weighing just over 10 lbs., the compact Kiaro! 50D is an easy fit in small work spaces.
  • Prints quietly, making it perfectly suitable for office use.
  • Great for retail environments or businesses with smaller-size labels or a less frequent need to print labels.
  • Uses QuickLabel’s pigment-based ink formulation that provides the widest possible color gamut for color matching and compatibility with glossy label stocks, as well as matte label stocks.
  • Printing your own labels in-house gives you freedom and control over your entire labeling process.

Consistent, Reliable Printing:

  • Automatically detects when cleaning is necessary; if needed the Kiaro! 50D will pause during the print job, perform an automatic cleaning and then resume printing on the very same label.
  • No messy, manual cleaning and no need to break the web and splice label rolls – the Kiaro! 50D never wastes a single label for maintenance.

Gorgeous Instant Label Printing:

  • Produce labels in beautiful 1200 dpi, impressing your customers, retailers and even competitors.
  • There is no other printer that provides the size, quality and speed offered by the Kiaro! 50D.

Incredible Ease of Use:

  • Easy to use, operate and set up.
  • With front loading inks and labels, the Kiaro! 50D fits into any workspace seamlessly, letting you print labels wherever you need to, for all of your products that require small labels.
  • The intuitive, fully-integrated design lets operators load labels and inks in seconds.
  • Compatible with label artwork designed on a Mac or a PC, and whether a .jpg, .tif, .pdf or any other file type.

Warranty and Support:

  • Help is always available by telephone, email, and web.
  • In addition to the Kiaro! 50D standard One-Year Warranty, the following packages are also available:
    • Quick Set-Up Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the Kiaro! and train your users to start printing labels.
    • Full Customer Support Package: A QuickLabel specialist will come to your location to provide installation and training service. After the initial set-up, you will be enrolled in the Kiaro! QuickSwap™ program where you will be provided a loaner Kiaro! 50D printer in the event your production is down and an emergency replacement printer is needed.
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