QLS-4100 Xe Industrial Color Label Printer

QLS-4100 Xe

Industrial Color Label Printer for System Integration

QLS-4100 Xe

Industrial Color Label Printer for System Integration

The QLS-4100 Xe Industrial Color Label Printer prints color labels faster than any other label printer on the market and can rapidly process and print data-intensive labels via enterprise software.

This rugged 300-dpi thermal transfer digital industrial color label printer is suitable for office or factory environments and prints up to 7 ips four color CMYK process printing mode (depending on label size).

Both barcode label printer and near photo-quality label printer, the QL-4100 Xe carries the best aspects of each. Businesses with software integration requirements that the need to rapidly print color labels with variable information on each label chose the QLS-4100 Xe label printer. Print labels with barcodes, color codes, logos, graphics, product description text, serializing text (such as expiration dates and best-by dates) and prompted fields.

Perfect for: Distributor-brand labels on cases and cartons of food, display labels on boxes of electronic devices or parts with color codes and other variable content, logo labels and personalized messages on promotional products, personalized color address labels, pipe marker labels and small signs for facility safety and Tyvek® pouches color-coded for medical devices.


Print Color Labels in Real Time – on the Factory Floor or in the Office:

  • Print labels in-line, as products are packaged, to custom-print a unique color label for each unique product.
  • Label graphics, text, barcodes, color codes (and any other label content) can change as labels are printed at any time.
  • Designed especially for use on a factory floor, but its quiet operation and compact size make it equally suitable for use on an office tabletop.

Private Label with the QLS-4100 Xe:

  • Allows manufacturers to print a different label for every product and every customer, on-demand.
  • Food manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, industrial tool manufacturers, promotional products makers and others often use the QLS-4100 Xe to mass-customize labels for private label customers, major retailers and distributors.
  • Let’s you add value to your product with low-cost, custom-printed labels.

Label Print Speed and Number of Labels per Hour:

  • Produces highly durable labels and will operate in demanding production environments for many years with only minimal maintenance.
  • Prints an average of over 3,000 labels an hour in CMYK color print mode at 300 dpi.
  • Generates over 7,000 labels an hour in spot color printing mode.

The Color Label Printer for System Integration:

  • Directly integrated with an automatic applicator to form a true color label printer-applicator system via its “applicator mode,” a standard feature of the QLS-4100 Xe.
  • QuickLabel’s native labeling software for the QLS-4100 Xe includes a module called QuickCommand™ that can receive data from your existing software, allowing you to interface with your software or enterprise system and print color labels to any site on your network.
  • Leading companies in the banking, electronics, frozen food, hardware, medical device, snack foods and tire manufacturing industries have successfully integrated the QLS-4100 Xe.
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