NiceLabel Desktop Suite: the total functionality of the entire NiceLabel family, including Designer Pro and PowerForms Desktop.

NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop: graphical application builder that allows you to design a custom user interface, as well as a label. Easily interface with bar code scanners, weigh scales, PLCs, print applicators and other hardware. It allows you to build front-end applications in less time than it would take to program them in a language such as C# and VB.NET.

NiceLabel Designer Pro: rich design tool with advanced design and layout tools such as curved text, paragraphs, line styles, grouping and shape fills. It comes with the latest pre-designed compliance label templates.

Designer Pro supports multiple databases, allows you to do SQL queries and supports mathematical expressions. Designer Pro also offers EasyForms, a basic custom interface builder.

NiceLabel Designer Standard: design tool for common label tasks including designing new label templates, generating barcodes and connecting to your existing databases (supports OLE/ODBC database formats).

You can also create basic concatenated fields. Designer Standard supports serial numbers, prompts, date/time stamps, linked fields and expressions which allow you to concatenate and manipulate fields and create composite variables such as serial numbers (decimal counting).

NiceLabel Designer Express: quickly and easily design labels to create text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes and images. You can also connect label fields to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and simple ASCII text databases.

NiceLabel Print Only: ability to print from any version of NiceLabel® but does not allow labels to be edited or created.

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In an effort to keep all our customers informed, we want to share with you the following updates.

We are committed to keeping our employees, customers, and communities safe. In the wake of this pandemic, we took swift action to mobilize a significant number of our global team to remote working arrangements while enhancing our cleaning procedures and securing our production facilities to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19.

As we continue to work through this pandemic, our core values have shone through, and we remain operational and dedicated to meeting the expectations and needs of our customers. Very early on, we increased our inventories, and we are in regular contact with our suppliers to monitor their status. We have maintained a high level of production, and our supply chains are meeting our requirements. However, we do prioritize firm orders above forecasts. Because this is a very fluid situation, we encourage you to make sure you have orders in place with us to carry you through these unusual times.

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