Paper Labels for Inkjet Label Printers

We produce each label order fresh from raw material using our efficient just-in-time production management system and sell die-cut labels for use in our QuickLabel line of inkjet label printers as well as labels for use in other printers, with thousands of dies (tools to produce die-cut label shapes) to choose from.


  • Material 112, Matte White Paper Label: Premium white matte paper label with permanent adhesive. Economical yet produces great retail display labels where a matte look is desired. Material 112 resists fading, abrasion, smudging and incidental moisture contact.
  • Material 223, Off-White Vellum Wine Label Stock: Reminiscent of a classic laid paper, uniquely receptive to pigment inks.  Excellent water-fastness when used with pigment-based inkjet inks.  Features wet strength and repositionable adhesive.
  • Material 237, Classic Crest ® White Felt Wine Label Stock: For applications requiring a textured, white eggshell-like appearance. Uniquely receptive to pigment inks with excellent water-fastness.  Features wet strength and repositionable adhesive.


  • Material 111, Semi-Gloss White Paper Label with Permanent Adhesive: Offers great print quality and good moisture-resistance at an economical price.


  • Material 167, Gloss Paper Label with High Water-Resistance: Gloss white paper label combines water-resistance with shine and printability desired for primary display labels. Material 167 complies with FDA 175.105 requirements for incidental food contact.


  • Material 160, High-Gloss Paper Label: Premium High-gloss white paper label that provides shine desired for primary display labels. Offers high abrasion resistance and great moisture-resistance.  Permanent adhesive meets FDA requirements for incidental food contact.
  • Material 162, High-Gloss Paper Label with Aggressive Adhesive: This high-gloss white paper label has a hot melt rubber adhesive that is ideal for long-term adhesion on many substrates, including corrugated. Material 162 meets FDA requirements for incidental food contact.
  • Material 166, High-Gloss Paper Label with Cover-Up Adhesive: This high-gloss white paper label is ideal should you want to cover a previously applied label or other printed information that may be present on a container. Permanent adhesive.
  • Material 169, High-Gloss White Paper Label with Removable Adhesive: White paper label with gloss finish ideal for printing primary display labels. Removable, solvent-free adhesive meets European regulations pertaining to direct and indirect contact with food (EC Directive 85/572/EEC).
  • Material 211, High-Gloss Paper Label with Plasticizer-Resistant Adhesive: High gloss white paper label for drums and other containers that may be made of plasticizers.  Material 211’s should be used where other normal adhesives deteriorate over time due to the presence of plasticizers.
  • Material 214, High-Gloss White Beer/Wine Paper Label: Premium high-gloss white paper label that provides shine desired for primary display labels. Offers high abrasion resistance and good moisture-resistance.  Permanent adhesive with hot water wash-off properties.
  • Material 215, High-Gloss White Piggyback Paper Label: Premium high-gloss paper label with multi-layers, featuring one self-adhesive label on top of another.  With PET mid-ply liner to keep overall stiffness and thickness low.
  • Material 218, High-Gloss 8pt Card Stock: Non-adhesive high-gloss tag material.

Develop Label Materials

QuickLabel carries nearly 100 different label and tag stocks. If you don’t see the material you’re looking for, QuickLabel can source and test new raw materials to meet your end use requirements. Just ask one of our Media Sales Specialists.

Make sure to let us know if you are interested in reselling our high-quality labels! Choose your label size from the constantly-growing library of shapes or QuickLabel will happily create a custom label shape for you.

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