Care Labels and Care Tags

QuickLabel’s care labels and care tags are used in apparel label applications and as warning label “law labels” for furniture, automotive products and more.

Material 75: Nylon Woven Care Label
5.0 Mil Nylon woven care tag material has moisture resistance and tolerance to high temperatures. Intended to withstand laundering.

Material 77: Tyvek® Tag
Tyvek® Brillion polyolefin has white, smooth surface, ideal for use as furniture and bedding law labels, sew-in carpet labels, and as tree, luggage, cable, gas cylinder, and industrial tags.

Material 85: Flame Retardant Tyvek® Tag
7.5 Mil Tyvek® Brillon® tag has a flame retardant coating, making it safe for printing of tags for automotive industry air bags. Complies with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302 (FMVSS 302).