Clear Labels and Tags

QuickLabel’s clear label materials create transparent labels that provide a transparent look for your label and allows your product to be seen.

Material 19: Polyolefin Clear Label
Matte-finish, clear polyolefin resists water, mild acids, oils, and most solvents. Adhesive bonds well to metal and is recommended for outdoor use.

Material 35: Polypropylene Clear Label for Hand-Applied Labels
Clear polypropylene with is durable with abrasion resistance and water resistance, and bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces, including. Withstands autoclaving on some surfaces. Best for hand-applied labels.

Material 55: Polypropylene Clear Label for Automatic Label Applicators
Clear polypropylene label resists smudging and abrasion. Best for use when labels are applied with an automatic label applicator.

Material 91: Crystal-Clear Label
Crystal-clear polypropylene is designed for “No Label Look” prime labeling of products, bottles and other glass and plastic containers. Material is water-resistant and durable. Permanent adhesive withstands temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -40°F.