Cover-Up Labels

QuickLabel’s cover-up label materials have a barrier layer to block-out the visibility of surfaces beneath and may be used as correction labels to re-label or over-label packaging.

Material 49: Gloss Cover-up Paper Label
4.0 Mil Cast-coated gloss paper label has opaque barrier coating for total opacity. 1.0 Mil Rubber adhesive bonds well to textured surfaces, packaging materials: corrugated board, bond paper, Saran, shrink wrap, polyester, polyethylene, painted metal, and glass. Good die-cutting, stripping. 2.5 Mil bleached super-calendared kraft liner. Tolerates service temperatures as low as -50°F.

Material 159: Gloss Cover-up White Paper Label
Ideal for printing premium cover-up labels for primary display packaging purposes. Its bright white, extra-thick top sheet with opaque barrier layer prevents anything below from showing through. Liner thickness: 2.45 Mil.