Non-Adhesive Labels and Tags

QuickLabel’s non-adhesive tag and label materials are used as seafood tags, nursery tags, general-purpose tags and tickets, insert cards, name badges and more.

Material 60: White Gloss Paper Tag
9.5 Mil Bright white-colored paper card stock with gloss finish has triple top coating for exceptional surface smoothness.

Material 61: White Semi-Gloss Paper Tag
7.4 Mil Paper, bright white-colored non-adhesive stock with 99% opacity. Semi-gloss coated on one side, lightweight and economical with good strength and stiffness. Material 61 is recommended for printing of inserts, tags, and tickets.

Material 62: Semi-Gloss Paper Tag/Ticket
7 Mil Smooth, bright-white surface tag with matte finish that is resistant to smudging. Designed for thermal transfer printing and recommended for a variety of printed tag and ticket applications, including inventory control tags, shipping tags, and claim and event tickets.

Material 64: Matte Paperboard Tag, Coated Both Sides
White-colored 9 pt. sulfate paperboard card stock is coated on both sides with a matte look on each side.

Material 75: Nylon Care Label
4.6 Mil Nylon woven care tag material has moisture resistance and tolerance to high temperatures. Intended to withstand laundering.

Material 77: Tyvek® Tag
Tyvek® Brillion polyolefin has white, smooth surface, ideal for use as furniture and bedding law labels, sew-in carpet labels, and as tree, luggage, cable, gas cylinder, and industrial tags.

Material 87: White Valéron® Tag, Coated One Side
9 pt. White-colored Valéron® polyolefin card stock tag is top-coated and has outstanding tear and puncture, chemical, and water resistance. Weather resistant for one year.