Pressure-Sensitive Synthetic Labels

QuickLabel’s pressure-sensitive synthetic materials are the “highest-performance” materials and provide added durability and resistance to abrasion, tearing, moisture, chemicals, weathering, extreme temperatures and more.

Materials include: polyethylene labels, polyester labels, polypropylene labels, vinyl label and much more.

Material #03: Multi-Layer White Polypropylene Label
Matte White Biaxial Oriented, multi-ply polypropylene label (BOPP) with adhesive that conforms to curved surfaces, has excellent adhesion to glass and corrugated board, and performs well in cold temperatures.

Material #06: Matte White Polyester Label
Matte-finish white polyester label with acrylic adhesive has good bond to high surface energy (HSE) plastics, glass, metal, porous fabrics and foams.

Material #09: Matte Silver Polyester Label
Silver polyester label with matte finish and metalized backing. Adhesive tolerates high temperatures and bonds well to a variety of surfaces, including high surface energy (HSE) plastics and metals.

Material #12: Gloss White Polyester Label
Gloss white polyester with general purpose permanent acrylic adhesive.

Material #18: White PVC Gloss Vinyl Label
High-gloss flexible white PVC label conforms to curved surfaces.

Material #19: Clear Polyolefin Label
Matte-finish, clear polyolefin resists water, mild acids, oils, and most solvents. Adhesive bonds well to metal and is recommended for outdoor use.

Material #21: Gloss Silver Label
Decorative, bright silver-colored gloss polyester label with ultrasmooth surface bonds well to glass and metals, high surface energy (HSE) plastics, and low surface energy (LSE)plastics. UL recognized and CSA accepted.

Material #24: Gloss Polypropylene Label
High-gloss white polypropylene label ideal offers excellent moisture and solvent resistance and excellent image quality with thermal transfer color label printing. Temporarily re-positional on some surfaces. Food-grade label adhesive complies with FDA 175.105 regulating indirect food contact.

Material #25: Gloss Polyester Label
Gloss white polyester material with aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds very well to metal, glass, and slightly textured or rough surfaces. UL recognized for indoor/outdoor use.

Material #35: Clear Polypropylene Label
Clear polypropylene with is durable with abrasion and water resistance, and bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces, including. Withstands autoclaving on some surfaces.

Material #40: Polyester Label
2 Mil semi-gloss polyester label with good resistance to chemical solvents and outdoor environmental conditions. General purpose, permanent acrylic adhesive. 3.2 Mil 50# super-calendared kraft liner. Tolerates service temperatures as low as -40ºF.

Material #43: Opaque Polyester Label with Aggressive Adhesive
2.0 Mil Opaque white polyester with gloss finish resists moisture and lubricating oil. Flexible, conforms to curved surfaces. Tolerates extreme service temperatures from -40° F to 302° F. 0.8 – 0.9 Mil High-shear, permanent solvent acrylic adhesive is UL approved for indoor and outdoor applications. Kraft liner has *Quilon® coating to reduce ooze and assist in high-speed application.

Material #48: Clear Squeezable Label
3.7 Mil Clear polyethylene label is fully squeezable, offering flexibility and conformability for use on squeeze, semi-squeeze, and rigid containers. 0.8-0.9 Mil Permanent acrylic adhesive; expands when subjected to heat. Tolerates service temperatures as low as -40°F. Food-grade label adhesive complies with FDA 175.105 regulating indirect food contact. 3.1 Mil paper liner.

Material #52: Economy Grade Gloss Polypropylene Label
2.6 Mil bright white, gloss polypropylene for printing general purpose or secondary package labels where graphics requirements are not exacting. Offers limited moisture, abrasion, and solvent resistance. 0.8 Mil permanent adhesive is repositionable in the short-term. 2.3 Mil white glassine paper liner. Tolerates service temperatures as low as -20°F.

Material #55: Polypropylene Clear Label
Clear polypropylene label resists smudging and abrasion. Liner designed for automatic label application and high speed converting.

Material #91: Polypropylene Crystal-Clear Label
Crystal-clear polypropylene is designed for “No Label Look” prime labeling of products, bottles and other glass and plastic containers. Material is water-resistant and durable. Permanent adhesive withstands temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -40°F.

Material #92: White Polypropylene with High Performance Adhesive
3.1 Mil Multi-layer polypropylene is white-colored with a smudge proof, matte finish. High-performance acrylic adhesive bonds to smooth surfaces, including metal, and leaves no residue when removed. Will tolerate aqueous cleansing and temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -40°F. Ideal and economical for circuit board labeling. 3.1 Mil semi-bleached super-calendared kraft paper liner coated with Quilon®.

Material #93: White Soft Vinyl Label
3.5 Mil soft white vinyl label with semi-gloss topcoat has aggressive, tackified permanent adhesive that resists water and humidity and adheres well to metals and plastics (HSE and LSE). Complies with FDA section 21 CFR 175.105 regarding indirect contact with food. Tolerates temperatures between -20°F to 302° F. Liner is 3.4 Mil silicone-coated semi-bleached kraft paper.

Material #116: Matte Polyester Chrome Label
Matte-finish chrome-colored polyester label with high resistance to chemical solvents, heat, and moisture. General purpose acrylic adhesive.

Material #123: Gloss Label with Aggressive Adhesive
2.6 Mil gloss white polypropylene (BOPP) label with aggressive hot melt rubber adhesive provides synthetic label performance with stronger adhesion. 2.5 mil super-calendared kraft liner. Food-grade label adhesive complies with FDA 175.105 regulating indirect food contact.