Blanket Purchase Order Program

Customers who take advantage of our Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) program receive maximum savings on all of their ink and blank label purchases.

How Does It Work?

Maximize savings by placing a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) for your inks, blank labels, and replacement parts. The BPO covers your printing supply requirements for a 12 month period. By allowing QuickLabel® to plan and produce efficiently, we have the ability to obtain raw materials at the lowest costs, produce finished goods in larger runs, and pass the savings along to you! Our Media Sales Specialists help analyze your needs and work with you to schedule release dates to take advantage of this program.

If interested, simply contact our Media Sales Specialists. They have all the details! In the meantime, download the brochure.

What Else Do You Get?

Your Labels on Your Schedule

You can receive your entire order at once, or as scheduled based on your production requirements – it’s all up to you.  It can be difficult planning 12 months into the future, we understand.  We’ve accounted for the ever-changing climate of your business so you can adjust the scheduled shipments of your yet-to-be manufactured products.

Price Guarantee

All inks and labels are offered to you at remarkable discounts. And by placing your order well in advance, you are guaranteed to always have your supplies at the discounted prices.  The savings that come with the BPO program are too good to pass up.

More Questions? Just ask us. You can call us at 877-757-7978.