QL-300 5-color tabletop label printer

QuickLabel® QL-300

Five-Color, Toner-Based Label Printer

QuickLabel® QL-300

Five-Color, Toner-Based Label Printer

The world’s first five-color tabletop label printer for roll-to-roll processing applications

The QuickLabel QL-300 is the only (CMYKW) 5-color tabletop label printer that produces highly-durable labels with 1200 dpi resolution. So, its ability to print in white allows direct printing on a wide range of colored or transparent materials for excellent readability. In addition, the QuickLabel QL-300 prints highly UV- and scratch-resistant “no-label-look” labels that can withstand the challenging demands of harsh labeling applications. So, the addition of white toner also expands the creative labeling opportunities for industries such as health & beauty, food & beverage, beer & wine, spirits, e-liquids, and many others.

On the other hand, the high-speed 5-color tabletop label printer can produce labels at up to 6 ips (152 mm/s) and in widths of up to 5 inches (126 mm), allowing a wide variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, the toner-based printing system is ideal for brand owners and packaging industry applications where just-in-time label production is desired.

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • High-resolution output with low toner consumption
  • Flexibility to handle short, medium, or long runs without label waste
  • Reliable operation and long service life
  • Low-cost toner cartridge replacements and consumables

Superior, Durable Print Quality

  • Prints high-quality labels on versatile media types
  • Compatible with coated, uncoated, or synthetic media
  • Produces rugged labels that withstand abrasion, moisture, and UV exposure
  • Ideal for harsh environments such as freezers, cold storage, and extended outdoor exposure

Production Friendly

  • Built-in unwinder easily loads blank label rolls
  • Flexibility to print labels with a gap, black mark, or continuous feed
  • Intuitive user-interface manages label printing
  • Easily prints die-cut, half-cut (dry-edge), or full-surface adhesive labels on a liner, plain paper, PET film, or synthetic materials

Above all, QuickLabel offers the total solution – from initial set-up assistance to customer support, the QuickLabel QL-300 system also includes a complimentary license to CQL Pro, QuickLabel’s advanced labeling software that allows users to effortlessly design, manage, and print their own labels.

+-Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Warranty & Support

  • Warranty: Each QL-300 comes with a standard One-Year Warranty, excluding wear parts. Telephone and email Technical Support Assistance.
  • Customer Support Package: Customer Support Package to extend QL-300 One-Year Warranty. Includes up to one on-site visit (as required), QuickSwap™ Parts Repair & Replacement Service, unlimited telephone and email Technical Support assistance. An extended Customer Support Package for 2 or 3-years is also available for an additional fee.
  • On-site Startup Package: To help you get up and running quickly, a QuickLabel specialist will come directly to your location to set up and install your QL-300, as well as provide training for operation and maintenance. This package also includes one local PC on-site driver and CQL Pro software installation, unlimited telephone and email Technical Support for setup or installation assistance up to 30 days after purchase.
  • Quick Setup Package: This package includes a remote live printer setup session (up to 3 hours), one local PC remote driver and CQL Pro software installation and remote operational and maintenance training. This package also includes unlimited telephone and email Technical Support for setup or installation assistance up to 30 days after purchase.

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